How do i

start a food business?


Congratulations!, just finding Cooks' Cookout means you are already halfway to reaching your dream to start a food business. Under the law, all businesses that sell food must obtain a food business licence. With Cooks' Cookout, it is easy!, Just follow the steps we provided below!

Step 1
Choose your times
and make a booking
let us know what times and days you need to use the kitchens. We will check our schedule and slot you in if the time is available. if it is not, we will recommend a few other options that you can choose from.
Step 2
Make payment for your Quote
Once the booking details have been agreed. We will issue you a quote/invoice. To complete your booking make payment through the payment options we offer and submit your application form for food business licence to us.
Get the form here
Step 3
Council Documentations
Once payments is made, we will issue a confirmation letter together with your application form straight to the council. We work hand in hand with the local council to help food businesses start up the right way.
Step 4
Now start planning your cooking day!
Now all you have to do is wait and answer any queries by the local council if they have any. Once the council is happy, you will be granted a licence. This usually take a couple of days to a few weeks depending on the application.

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