La Kitchens





20 Sqm

 6 Open Burners & Std Gas Oven

600mm Hotplate Griddle

5 Tray Combi Oven

2 Door (Glass) Fridge, 980lt Capacity

Mobile Island Working Bench

1500mm Prep Bench

900mmPrep Bench

600mm Prep Bench

4 Tier Shelf

Single Sink Corner Bench

Double Sink Bench

Hand Basin with Knee-operated Tap

15 Sqm

4 Open Burners & Std Gas Oven

900mm Hotplate Griddle

Single Hole Wok Burner Stove​

2 Door (Glass) Fridge, 980lt Capacity

Mobile Island Working Bench

Wall Prep Bench

Sink Bench with Single veg-prep sink bowl

Dishwash Entry Bench with 1 std sink bowl

Pass-thru Dishwasher


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12 Sqm

2 Door Fridge, 1032 ltr Capacity

2 Door Freezer, 1032 ltr Capacity

3 Tier Dry Storage Locker Shelves for members' use

Rentable spaces to place your own freezer - in the basement storage

Amenities & Location

Amenities we provide includes 2 unisex toilets, an accessible toilet, personal storage locker, free wifi internet connection, security and video surveillance. Ample parking bays are available at the front and rear of the building.

​Rear parking is fitted with motion movement spot lights and a CCTV. You are thus able to see through an LCD screen the outside view before you leave or open the door. All kitchen windows are fitted with 'crimsafe grills' and other windows are protected by roller shutters.


Our kitchens are easily less than 10 minutes drive from the Perth CBD, and is only a minute's walk to Woolworths at Centro Victoria Park.

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