Rates & Charges

At Cooks' Cookout, we are determined to lower your costs so you only pay for what you need. The way we calculate is simple, the more hours you commit, the lower the rates will be. Prices start from $23 per hour. GST Exclusive            
Kitchen hire Rates

1. Minimum booking hours is 3 hours per session.
2. All users are subject to an annual membership fee of $50 per year plus GST and a one off $50 admin fee. 

3. A registration with our payment gateway, Ezypay is required in lieu of our usual $1000 security bond.
4. All bookings must be paid in advance before using the facilities. First 8 sessions booking must be fully paid upon registration. No Exceptions.

5. All plan payments must be made via Ezypay based on the frequency chosen unless an alternative arrangement is agreed upon.

6. All plan bookings are continuous and can only  be cancelled with an 8 session notice.

Why we charge what we charge for our kitchens?

We are a business that provide a hiring service. The kitchens we built are primarily designed for hiring purposes.  Although we are determined to cut costs for you, we do need to cover our own costs such as:


- Property lease

- Kitchen equipment purchase and lease

- Utility bills ( Water, Electricity, Gas)

- Security Monitoring

- Deep cleaning services

- Grease trap cleaning services

- Council rates

- Insurances

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